clinic update - we have moved!

“…If money, time, geographical location, education, &/or people were not a limiting factor...what would your life look like? Where would you be? What would you be doing for work? What is the big, crazy, scary, 'I couldn't actually do that' DREAM?…”
If you have been connected to us for any period of time, chances are you’ve heard us ask this question, or the ideas within the question have certainly surfaced.  Our work has this funny way of showing up in our own lives as a mirror from time to time and while it's always more fun to be the ones asking the questions in the treatment room, we have been having some serious conversations lately about our answers to those questions above….
So, what does that mean?
Well…It means it’s time to continue to live the medicine. To accept the call to show up with the integrity and authenticity that the moment calls for. It means that it’s time to take a leap! It means…..we are MOVING… MONTANA! Yes, Montana! The commitment to our move has been very bittersweet! Greenville has been such a wonderful home to us for the past 7 years.
With our unique approach to Chinese medicine, we have felt received, embraced, and supported. We have been humbled by the opportunity to serve, have an impact on, and get to know such a wonderful community, many of which have become friends.
While we are sad to be leaving, we are BEYOND EXCITED about the next chapter in our story!! Stay tuned!!
THANK YOU & we feel extremely BLESSED to have crossed paths with each and every one of you!
While we are no longer accepting in-person patients in South Carolina, we are still offering our TELE-HEALTH SERVICES for herbal patients/consultations and life-coaching work. If you would like more information feel free to reach out to We would love to hear from you!
Warmest Regards,
Staff @ Five Shen Wellness