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FIVE ELEMENT ACUPUNCTURE: Look no further than FIVE SHEN WELLNESS & THE CENTER FOR TRADITIONAL HEALING ARTS for Chinese Medicine and ACUPUNCTURE in Greenville and Upstate SC. We offer the BEST in acupuncture services from a team of classically trained practitioners who hold Masters Degrees in their field. They are certified, licensed, and leaders within the industry and the only practitioners in the area whose training is rooted in the traditions of CLASSICAL FIVE ELEMENT ACUPUNCTURE. What does that mean for you? Practitioners who are focused on an individualized care with an approach that is dedicated to treating you as a person, hearing your story, and restoring your HEALTH.

TRADITIONAL CHINESE HERBAL DISPENSARY: At Five Shen Wellness ~ Center for Traditional Healing Arts we have trained for years in the study of the HEALING potential of CHINESE HERBAL REMEDIES. We are able to combine the therapeutic effects of your ACUPUNCTURE treatments with custom made HERBAL formulas from our on-site Herbal Dispensary; also unique in the area.

TIBETAN HERBAL FOOT SOAK THERAPIES: We also are the only clinic in Greenville SC and the Upstate to offer Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak Therapies. Foot Soaks have been used traditionally within Chinese Medicine for thousands of years and are a great addition to our services while ENHANCING the results of our work.

TESTIMONIALS: Our experts use an integrative approach to restoring balance, health, and wellness in a NATURAL & HOLISTIC way. See what people are saying about their results here...

SO MUCH MORE THAN ACUPUNCTURE: Aside from being the premiere location for Acupuncture and the only clinic who specializes in the FIVE ELEMENT ACUPUNCTURE in Greenville SC, we also offer different forms of ENERGY MEDICINE including REIKI (treatments, classes, and shares), a community acupuncture space, cupping, guasha, tuina (Chinese massage), dietary therapies, and group classes / mindfulness teachings. The CENTER for TRADITIONAL HEALING ARTS offers many options and tools you need to integrate the results into a new HEALTHY and BALANCED lifestyle.