Breathe. Shine. Live: Life & Wellness Coaching

When was the last time you felt “whole”? When was the last time you remember feeling like your best self? Physically? Emotionally? Spiritually? Are you connected to your purpose? Do you have a strategy? Would you like a plan? What if you had someone to help guide you on this journey…your journey?

What if this guide was not trying to sell you the next great supplement, next great vitamin, next fad diet, or miracle essential oil? What if this guide was not trying to convince you that this one size fits all method was the secret to your success? What if instead, this guide took the time to hear your story and listen to you? What if they took the time to get to know what a nourished and fulfilled life looks like through your eyes?

What if you had a guide/partner/strategist/coach who’s only goal was to hold a vision of who you are in health and then help you create the strategy to achieve it! What if all of the advice given was rooted in 1000’s of years of tradition. Thousands of years of history aimed at helping a person be who they are meant to be, who their own heart wants them to be. Who that inner dialogue guides them to be. Not the negative voice that tells you that you can’t BUT the positive place inside of that’s just waiting for you to have the courage to become you!

What if this guide wasn’t simply someone took a couple of courses at ONLINE U in Life Coaching 101? What if this guide was actually a medical professional with a Masters Degree in Chinese Medicine and a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. What if they were trained in eastern and western medicine? What if they were trained and fully competent when it comes to creating a strategy/outline and also guiding someone as it pertains to nutrition, supplemental recommendations, and essential oil advice? What if they had an extensive background in various forms of meditation and mindfulness practices which would make them the ideal person to create practices that correlate with the rest of the strategy? What if they were trained and certified in functional movement and could design a plan to get you moving again in a way that is efficient, effective, and purposeful? What if all of the advice/strategy/plan was aimed in one intentional direction in order to help you attain your goals. No more mixed messages! No more contradicting strategies! No more confusion!

Life can be challenging. Some days it may feel clean and simple and other days it difficult and messy. That’s life!

We live in a time in which everyone has an opinion, some advice, or a secret to solving it all. 

During those moments when we wish that we had more options, more structure, and more of a roadmap than some well intended advice from a friend, partner, or mentor given over a cup of coffee, Breathe. Shine. Live. is intended to be a source for that structure. Though trained to counsel, this is not counseling, we are not counselors, AND we are not simply life coaches. We are Doctors within a beautiful system of medicine that wraps itself around the philosophy that we are either on our path living our best life OR we are not. A classical approach to life through the lenses of our work provides the tools and the framework to help people manifest what is in their heart. We do this work everyday inside of our treatment rooms. This platform will provide an opportunity to share the gifts of our work beyond that space.

How can we help? Let’s begin with a consultation to see if we are a good fit. No cost, no obligation, simply a conversation to discuss what we have to offer and introduce you to the work that we do everyday.