Chinese Medicine Pediatrics: Methods of Treatment & Care

Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest natural healing systems in the world. Doctors and practitioners of Chinese Medicine have offered NATURAL & HOLISTIC ways of restoring health long before those terms became buzzwords for marketing campaigns. Chinese Medicine, when practiced in its most AUTHENTIC form, represents a system of medicine that is truly HOLISTIC; … Read more

Chinese Medicine: A Natural & Holistic Approach to Pediatrics

Let’s talk Pediatric Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine! Wait! What?! Can kids get acupuncture? What about the needles? Is it painful? Why would you want to? What can you treat? YES! Children can absolutely get acupuncture, although it is not necessarily required for their care with us. With acupuncture, the process is typically painless; our smallest … Read more

Mindful Movement

The ancients sages say:  “If you do these practices for a few moments, you will improve your wellbeing. If you do these practices for a while, daily, you will heal your medical challenges. AND, if you do these practices many times with undistracted focus, enthusiasm and sincerity, you will attain longevity and even Immortality.” Mindful … Read more

rep. recover. repeat: Traditional Medicine for the Modern Athlete!

At Five Shen Wellness – Center for Traditional Healing Arts, when it comes to NATURAL & HOLISTIC RECOVERY, we are the only Chinese medicine clinic in Greenville, SC and the Upstate with programs designed specifically for the unique needs of the modern ATHLETE! Using acupuncture and all the tools available through Chinese Medicine, we design … Read more

COVID Fatigue & Long Term Recovery

The title of this piece has potential to elicit one of a variety of internal responses based on your own experience/perceptions of what we’ve all gone through this past year. For some, it may be a horrible memory of family tragedy; our deepest condolences to you. For others it may serve as a reminder of … Read more

the needle is the person

At Five Shen, we pride ourselves in staying true to the ORIGINAL essence of and the CLASSICAL roots of this medicine. What does that mean? It means we tend to stay away from the fads, gadgets, and gizmos that show in up in various forms as the next great “cure” or the “newest, latest, and … Read more

Choosing a Practitioner

In our very first blog post, “Why Five Element Acupuncture?” We talked ever so briefly about the differences between Five Element Acupuncture and TCM; the biggest difference aside from the approach to treatment, is within the practitioners themselves. There are some pretty significant differences between the systems and they begin with the practitioner; Five Element … Read more