Chinese Medicine: A Natural & Holistic Approach to Pediatrics

Let’s talk Pediatric Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine! Wait! What?! Can kids get acupuncture? What about the needles? Is it painful? Why would you want to? What can you treat?

YES! Children can absolutely get acupuncture, although it is not necessarily required for their care with us. With acupuncture, the process is typically painless; our smallest patients often enjoy the process. While part of the approach is similar to that with our adults (gentle, with minimal needles), pediatric care at FIVE SHEN is not as simple as using the same techniques on smaller bodies. 

Still not sure about the needles? That’s okay, acupuncture is just a part of what we offer. We take pride in being a Chinese Medicine clinic not simply an acupuncture clinic.  What that means for you is, OPTIONS! 

Non-invasive options are ALWAYS available. Beyond the needles, our toolbox includes techniques such as Shonishin Therapy, Acupressure, Pediatric Massage, Pediatric Herbal Formulations, and Meridian Therapy techniques using the highest-grade essential oils available.

Our little patients have proven very responsive to this work, a child’s natural ability to heal is powerful and we have some amazing success stories. Chinese medicine is safe, gentle, and effective! What more could you ask for when searching out care for your family!? Your child’s comfort and the gentleness of our technique is the highest priority throughout the entire process.

Five Shen Wellness: what sets us apart?

We are also extremely proud of being a family run family practice. A family with more than 40 years in the field of NATURAL & HOLISTIC medicine.  A family who has adopted and integrated this medicine and its approach to wellness into the fabric of own lives and our family life. Our knowledge, understanding, and approach to wellness have all been instrumental in our ability to stay healthy, lead lives that are PURPOSEFUL and FULL OF JOY.

Pediatrics is not simply another service being offered within the walls of our clinic.  Pediatric care, for us, is an opportunity to have a profound effect on our COMMUNITY and the generations to come, while remaining rooted in the INTEGRITY of our medicine.

At Five Shen Wellness – Center for Traditional Healing Arts our intention, personally and professionally, is to NURTURE & NOURISH life through the practice of AUTHENTIC Chinese Medicine. We believe that the work we do with children is the clearest representation of our dedication to the “nurturing and the nourishment of life.” We pride ourselves on being a Chinese Medicine clinic first and foremost, a clinic that honors the CLASSICAL ROOTS of this BEAUTIFUL medicine.

What we offer is an approach/program/way that is oriented to the UNIQUE nature of our littlest patients. Having dedicated our lives to learning these techniques in order to integrate them into our own lives, we understand the potential of this medicine as a powerful tool for restoring, balancing, and maintaining health NATURALLY. Chinese Medicine, as quite possibly one of oldest forms of HOLISTIC medicine, has much to offer in these modern times.