Chinese Medicine Pediatrics: Methods of Treatment & Care

Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest natural healing systems in the world. Doctors and practitioners of Chinese Medicine have offered NATURAL & HOLISTIC ways of restoring health long before those terms became buzzwords for marketing campaigns.

Chinese Medicine, when practiced in its most AUTHENTIC form, represents a system of medicine that is truly HOLISTIC; it is a system of medicine that’s focus is on treating the entirety of a person. Chinese medicine has the ability to reach a person at a constitutional level, reminding the body how it was intended to function in the world; it is a system of medicine that is capable of restoring integrity to the “whole” in order to realize and achieve the vision of health held by/for each patient.

Five Element Acupuncture

There are various forms of Chinese medicine and acupuncture whose sole focus is on treating patterns of “dis-ease;” the thought being these patterns are part of why our symptoms arise.  It can be a very “Western” way of looking at things….

Five Element Acupuncture, however, is a system rooted in the original intentions/essence of Chinese medicine, remaining untouched by more westernized models of the medicine. It is a system that focuses on constitutional wellness as a way of correcting deeper imbalances, which often manifest themselves on the surface as symptoms and/or patterns of disharmony.

The Five Element system teaches us as practitioners, that “less is more” in terms of how many pins/needles we use; the (insertion) techniques are gentle, that gentleness is even more ideal for the pediatric work.  Five Element Acupuncture is a simple, yet powerful tool that reminds the body and the mind of its innate ability to be whole and healthy.

Shonishin – Japanese Acupuncture Technique (no needle insertion)

Shonishin is a pediatric treatment style whose roots trace back to 17th century Osaka in Japan. Experienced practitioners are able to utilize these techniques as a stand-alone method of treatment &/or incorporate them into a customized care plan. These methods involve the use of various tools/instruments, often times with rounded edges that are intended to be rubbed, pressed, tapped, or lightly scratched along the surface, instead of being inserted into the skin. When applied appropriately, for short periods of time using simple systematic patterns, these simple techniques have been found effective for a wide variety of pediatric problems.  *Used on children from birth through about age five.

Pediatrics & Herbal/Botanical Therapies

Herbs, plants, and oils derived from botanicals have potent healing properties. When combined appropriately, the synergistic actions can be used very effectively to treat a wide variety of health concerns. However, natural does not always equate to safe!

At FIVE SHEN, we have a passion for HERBAL/BOTANICAL MEDICINE and are home to what is probably one of the most extensive herbal pharmacies in the Upstate of South Carolina.  Our Doctors of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are able customize SAFE herbal prescriptions that are specific to the unique needs of even our littlest of patients. Our extensive, formal training provides the knowledge base required to diagnose and prescribe what is appropriate, while also evaluating any current protocols.  This allows us to assess whether or not those protocols align with your health goals/concerns for your child in regards to their current state of health, as well as, whether they align with your child’s constitutional nature.

Plant based therapies include customized herbal prescriptions and/or essential oil recommendations deliverable in tea, powder, or tincture form. Topicals, soaks, and baths are also potential delivery options depending on the case.

Pediatric Massage & Manual Therapies

Our manual therapy offerings include tuina, acupressure, massage, and cupping*. These are not available as stand alone approaches to treatment. Often times these are incorporated as secondary methods within care plans and have proven to be very effective in managing a growing child’s structural needs.

*Cupping is handled differently with our KIDS programs. Our littlest patients typically receive cupping with glass jars with suction bulbs. Cupping is typically applied to the back, shoulders and abdomen as a way to activate the lymphatic system and increase circulation.

Five Shen Meridian Therapy

Meridian Therapy @ Five Shen was born out of a desire to combine all of the aspects/knowledge we’ve attained through our studies within the FIVE ELEMENT acupuncture tradition and the classical Chinese medicine world, with other various modalities we have studied throughout the years.  Modalities such as: reiki/energy work, massage, and botanical/plant medicine (essential oils), all of which have also proven to be effective through the years.

Our goal was to align these worlds in a way that merges their strengths, creating an option for those folks who love the idea of our work, but may be hesitant to the idea of “being stuck with a needle.” MERIDIAN THERAPY @ FIVE SHEN is fantastic for our adults who are ready to dive into the life work, but it has also proven to be a brilliant offering for our pediatric program!

Nutritional, Dietary, & Supplement Evaluation

Nutritional advice, as with all things Chinese Medicine, is not “one size fits all;” specific recommendations in the spirit of “food is medicine,” are offered based on the specific needs of each case. We are happy to evaluate your child’s supplement regimen as well as any current dietary approach. This, in addition to understanding your child’s full case, allows us to give the best advice that aligns with your (the parent’s) treatment goals. This also ensures that all aspects of care are pointing in the same direction and there are no mixed messages.

With that said, our goal is not to completely change the diet. Often times, recommendations are simple, minor adjustments; always a less is more approach to intervention. We understand that drastic changes can often times have an impact not just for your child, but on the family as a whole, so simplicity is paramount.

Chinese medicine looks at nutrition as a means to best support the overall being, just as we approach acupuncture and herbal treatments; all guidance and recommendations remain rooted in the same basic principles. Advice, including nutritional advice, remains rooted in Chinese medicine, geared towards answering the following question, how can we best affect any imbalance, patterns of disharmony or “dis-ease?” (*These are not recommendations based on trends of fads).

Sometimes simple dietary recommendations can be the piece that’s missing.