"There is little difference between healing the body and healing the spirit.  One might say that the aware person does both.  The concept of spirit is metaphysical while the concept of the body healing itself has been relegated to the physical realm.  And yet, both function at the unseen level."

~ Bill Mitchell, ND

Why Chinese Medicine...

In a world full of marketing tactics and clichés aimed at building medical practices, it can be challenging to describe the benefit of what we do without sounding like everyone else. Still, the truth and the difference rests in execution and getting results. We get results, and while we prefer to let our work speak for itself (explore our TESTIMONIALS here), we recognize that what we offer is unique. We also acknowledge that our ideas are new to many. This provides an excellent opportunity to introduce ourselves, define CHINESE MEDICINE, and share with you how our approach is unique.

Firstly, it should be understood that Eastern Medicine is considered a complete system of medicine in many corners of the world. It has been used for thousands of years to successfully treat a wide variety of ailments. In an environment in which health care has become less about patient care and more about the business of symptom management, this beautiful medicine is different.

When practiced as it was intended, Chinese medicine is truly holistic medicine. If we are willing to look beyond the marketing campaigns, we can ask, “what does holistic mean in terms of healthcare?” For us, it means to look beyond the obvious. It requires a deeper understanding of health and a deeper ability to listen. It speaks to our ability and willingness to sit with our patients, investigate, and explore. It means showing up with fresh eyes for each person’s unique experience in order to best serve their individual needs. Analyzing, accessing, and investigating as if THIS patient sitting here in front of us is the only patient that matters. Our only goal at that moment is to discover how to best facilitate the process of restoring the body’s natural rhythms. Only then can the “totality” of health be affected on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Creating the environment to nurture health...

The core understanding of Classical Chinese medicine and Five Element acupuncture is that each of us has an underlying brilliance. When we are unable to contact that brilliance and bring it into the world, we become ill. Our #1 priority, regardless of specific goals, is to create an environment that nurtures health. Our bodies are wise, functioning to keep us alive, well, and thriving, as long as we maintain the natural balance and rhythms. Often times we take for granted the body's innate ability to heal day after day despite cuts, infections, broken bones, rogue cancer cells, upsets, confusions, toxins, and more. If disturbed, signs &/or symptoms often indicate that our body's natural abilities may be becoming exhausted, blocked, or stagnant. We may notice difficulties arise, we may begin to heal slower, or maybe we develop chronic illnesses. The strength of Classical Chinese medicine and Five Element acupuncture is in its ability to recognize these imbalances and restore harmony at the deepest levels. An authentic NATURAL & HOLISTIC approach to patient care!

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TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH: Before beginning our work, many of our patients report feeling helpless and confused about what physician to turn to. Many have tried various treatments, while some have come to us as a last resort because they have been "everywhere else." While others even report feeling like they have "tried it all" and have accepted poor health as part of the process of aging. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT POOR HEALTH. Come in, and let's have a conversation! Patients are often surprised by the level of attention, compassion, and care they receive from the moment they arrive in our space. Together with one of our Doctors of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, we sit down with you and listen to your concerns. This allows us to do some assessment and determine whether we can help. If we can help, we can discuss all of your options, leaving you with choices on how you may want to proceed.

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Underneath the surface, Classical Chinese medicine offers more than acupuncture needles and herbal remedies, it is a philosophy, a way of living, a way of seeing/viewing the world; it is us learning to show up in the world as our best selves fully and confidently.

“The Art of Nourishing Life” (Yang Sheng) is about each of us as individuals exploring and discovering what it truly means for us to be whole, to feel whole and live out their greatest purpose and potential.