Choosing a Practitioner

In our very first blog post, “Why Five Element Acupuncture?” We talked ever so briefly about the differences between Five Element Acupuncture and TCM; the biggest difference aside from the approach to treatment, is within the practitioners themselves.

There are some pretty significant differences between the systems and they begin with the practitioner; Five Element practitioners are simply trained differently. They learn not only a different perspective on the medicine but also a completely different approach to understanding what is truly the root or underlying imbalance.

Both styles are trained to look beyond the obvious symptoms/pathologies for an underlying “pattern of disharmony,” but a Five Element practitioner is trained to look further. They are trained to look beyond the pattern, deeper into the foundations/building blocks of what makes a person who they are, in order to discover what is truly at the core of the condition being treated.

In earlier content we made the statement…

Understand that there is a difference between someone who has dedicated the time, the study, and has set the intention to learning to live, to practice, to develop the skillset required to recognize this interplay.” 

So what goes into training a practitioner of Five Element acupuncture? Understanding!

While our training includes years of studying Chinese Medicine theory, Western biomedical theory, acupuncture strategy, point location, and safety…

The core of our training was an invitation to dive into, study, and learn OURSELVES. The focus within our approach is about doing our own internal work, learning the ins and outs of who we are as people. How has life shaped our own processes and interactions in the world? Asking the questions of ourselves in regard to how we want to show up in the world? How do we want to show up in our day to day interactions? With our families? With our work? Within our treatment rooms? What are our strengths and weaknesses? Where are our edges, what are those things that ‘bump’ us a little and make us uncomfortable? And how do we react to being uncomfortable when it happens?

What does any of that have to do with Chinese Medicine? 

A good Five Element acupuncturist has done/continues to do their own work and seeks to treat you as a whole person not simply your list of symptoms or even your ‘Patterns.’ 

A good Five Element acupuncturist sets the intention of discovering who you are in health. Who are you and how do you respond to life and its ever-changing circumstances. 

A good Five Element acupuncturist understands that “we can only take patients as far as we are willing to go ourselves.” This statement alone has shaped and driven each practitioner here at Five Shen in different ways, to not only be the best practitioner they can be, but to be the best version of themselves as a person simply showing up in the world.

“Same Inside & Outside of the Treatment Room” 

Probably the BIGGEST compliment we’ve ever received from our patients is that we are the same people outside of the treatment room/clinic as we are inside.  

Why is that important? Or rather, why is that important to US?  

While looking from the outside, this appears to be our chosen profession, our job, or the way in which we’ve chosen to make a living, to us this work is so much more; it is personal.  It is not a job, it is our life.

While EVERY practitioner, even within the same styles of study, will naturally gravitate towards certain practice styles, we believe there are certain “qualities” vital for choosing the right practitioner for yourself: Integrity. Rapport. Trust.

We believe if we can simply show up genuinely in the treatment room and be present, knowledgeable, and compassionate then the integrity will be obvious. We believe rapport and trust is easy when we are committed/invested and passionate about helping you. 

So, if you find yourself curious about whether or not Chinese medicine could be a good fit for you, we’d love for you to reach out &/or come in for a conversation.