Fire Cupping – Pt1

Fire Cupping is a technique we do a lot of in our clinic, but usually in combination with acupuncture. In Chinese medicine, as a stand alone therapy, it can be great for relieving muscle tension, other acute symptoms and is excellent as a PREVENTION & MAINTENANCE.

HOWEVER, if you are dealing with an injury (new or old), or if your issues are more chronic, acupuncture is the better option; those sessions (when necessary) will often include cupping as an adjunct! With chronic symptoms and/or injuries, there is usually something deeper going on that is #1 causing the pain/discomfort, #2 causing that pain/discomfort to flare up &/or linger around even after proper rest & care, or #3 can be contributing to the frequency of similar and related injuries. [ie: frequent strain/sprains, “it’s always my tendons/ligaments,” “my joints ache and take forever to get loose” etc…]

So while cupping may and often does provide temporary relief for chronic ailments, it does not address the underlying root of the problem; for that we turn to acupuncture!

ATHLETES – Everything above still applies, BUT if you have a known potential problem area or are looking to stay ahead of general muscles soreness, fire cupping can be an excellent way to stay ahead of that before/after an intense workout. This means a better/quicker RECOVERY!