Getting Started

"A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step"

~ Lao Tzu - Tao Te Ching (Ch. 64) 

Now Is the Time!

You have found your way here for a reason

We are the premiere clinic for Acupuncture in Greenville SC and the Upstate. Our PRIVATE one-on-one sessions are all about you and restoring your health. Within these sessions you get access to all of the tools that Five Shen Wellness ~ Center for Traditional Healing Arts has to offer! Techniques & tools that are only available here at our clinic.

Are you struggling with a chronic health issue, serious disease, or diagnosis? Have you tried everything or many things, and feel like you are not getting relief with Western medicine or even alternative therapies? Our team here at Five Shen Wellness is ready to help you find your way back to living a HEALTHIER and more VIBRANT life!

We are the only Integrative Eastern Medicine clinic in the Upstate with classically trained Five Element Acupuncturists. We are dedicated to providing the best acupuncture in Greenville SC and the surrounding regions. Even If you have tried Acupuncture in the past with limited results or maybe you are in a place in your own journey that does not feel like you are thriving in life. We can HELP! Give us a call, schedule a FREE consultation, and come see how we are different!

Five Shen Wellness and our acupuncturists here at The Center for Traditional Healing Arts specialize in helping people like you discover the root cause of your health issues. With an approach as powerful as it is unique, we have shown our patients a different way to nurture their health naturally and holistically. The results have been AMAZING and sometimes even Life Changing!

Are you ready to start the transformation? It is time for you to be fully supported in restoring and cultivating your health. Are you ready to experience lasting health improvements? Begin your journey to wellness today! Schedule your FREE NO OBLIGATION 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION. Together we will create a treatment plan that works for you, complements your life, and has you feeling like your best self as you begin to navigate the world and engage life from a HEALTHIER and more VIBRANT place within yourself.

Are You READY to LIVE a HEALTHIER & more VIBRANT life!

An Integrative, Holistic Approach to Medicine

Our approach to medicine is about treating people, not their symptoms, and not disease. You are a person and your health issues are a part of that. Two individuals may experience similar symptoms or health issues, but due to their different lifestyles, genetics, experiences, past traumas and goals, they will need different treatment plans. Private treatment allows us the space and the time to discover how you got here, what is at the ROOT of your current concerns, and develop a treatment plan and and a partnership that works for you, a plan that complements your life, and a plan helps you to attain the vision you have of yourself in HEALTH. What does that plan look like? It depends on you and your unique needs. Five Element Acupuncture, Traditional Herbs, Tibetan Herbal Foot Soak Therapies, Cupping, Tuina (massage), Guasha, Nutritional Guidance, Movement Therapies such as TaiChi or Qigong, Meditation, Coaching, and much more! All of the tools are at our disposal in Private sessions in order to address your own unique needs. Come in and lets develop a plan that is right for you!