Frequently Asked Questions

OUR PHILOSOPHY & APPROACH: Many of our patients are brand new to acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. With our help, they discover how their body has an innate ability to heal.  FSW provides a space where your health concerns can truly be heard and you will receive treatment tailored specifically to your needs.


  • Those who want to better their health through natural methods
  • Those for whom western medicine has not been successful
  • Those seeking support in achieving a health goal
  • Those interested in taking an active role in their health
  • Those experiencing pain or discomfort
  • Those looking to address addiction
  • Those wanting to make a lifestyle change
  • Active, physical individuals looking to relieve strain on the body or to improve athletic performance
  • Anyone not aware of or familiar with traditional Chinese medicine who wants to investigate how it may support them, their health, and healing


  • Relief of pain
  • Easing digestive issues
  • Improving the quality of sleep
  • Supporting the immune system
  • Promoting a positive mental state and outlook
  • Increasing relaxation and calm in today's stressful world
  • Supporting the healing process after injury, surgery, or chronic disease
  • Stimulating lines of energy to address blockage or stagnancy in the body