rep. recover. repeat: Traditional Medicine for the Modern Athlete!

At Five Shen Wellness – Center for Traditional Healing Arts, when it comes to NATURAL & HOLISTIC RECOVERY, we are the only Chinese medicine clinic in Greenville, SC and the Upstate with programs designed specifically for the unique needs of the modern ATHLETE!

Using acupuncture and all the tools available through Chinese Medicine, we design treatment strategies specific to needs of each athlete.  These strategies are intended to maximize and refine the athletes body and mind’s ability to RECOVER and PERFORM.

With our team at Five Shen, true recovery involves more than injury treatment and prevention; our philosophy goes beyond symptom management and symptom relief.  We believe that in order to get you back on the field, to keep you on the field, and to help you reach your PEAK performance, RECOVERY should include fine tuning the system. A well refined system is one that optimizes and maximizes your ability to recover.

A holistic approach does just that, it refines the system! Yes, injury treatment and prevention, along with the added benefit of improved sleep quality, improved energy, and an improved ability to manage the stress loads that come with training, as well as the mental stress of life and competition. Rx your recovery with us at Five Shen! #reprecoverrepeat


Individual Recovery Plans the include:

  • Five Element Acupuncture
  • Dry Needling / Ashi (Trigger Point)
  • Traditional Fire Cupping
  • Guasha (scraping)
  • Traditional Herbal Remedies
  • Tibetan Foot Soak Therapies
  • Lifestyle Recommendations
  • Dietary/Supplement Evaluation