Why Five Element Acupuncture? Part One

Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood ~ The five elements, the substances, the flavors, the interactions, and the process by which they create and control each other. Each playing a role, giving birth to one another while also maintaining the checks and balances within the system. An interplay, a relationship that evolves as nature intends. The depths of study, the depths of introspection and the depths of understanding that go into recognizing, accessing, and evaluating the health or lack of health at the core of how we manifest/show up in the world.

The five elements. THIS is where, at the basis of who we are as Individuals, at the level of the basic building blocks, we see health and search for the source of disharmony. This uncovering requires a skill, ‘a seeing’, that is developed and honed as a practitioner. As a Five Element acupuncturist, and a true practitioner of the Five Element system, we are dedicated to seeing and understanding the interplay of these basic building blocks, this unique expression of the Five Elements that makes each of us who we are as individuals.

There IS a Difference

Understand that there is a difference between someone who has dedicated the time, the study, and has set the intention to learning to live, to practice, to develop the skillset required to recognize this interplay. An interplay that is our source of our greatest potential. To hold a vision of health at the deepest level allows the Five Element practitioner to also find that place inside where even the most subtle wobble can create a ripple of imbalance which may become a wave that ultimately appears as a warning sign or symptom indicative of a greater/deeper imbalance.

While the more modern practitioner, the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) trained practitioner  can be quite skilled at recognizing the patterns that arise, the ‘systems’ check, diagnosing of balance, assessing the ‘check engine codes’ within a system of checks and balances. These warning signs/symptoms arise and appear to be the source of cause of the imbalance.

However the skill of the practitioner who specializes, studies, and was trained primarily in the 5E system also sees these warning signs and patterns then looks beyond them to find the wobble or source of friction at a deeper level into the level of the interplay of the elements.

THIS is the source of the imbalance. THIS requires a different level of understanding, a different set of skills, an understanding of the elements that goes beyond simply recognizing that they exist.

Why Choose Five Element Acupuncture?

Why a 5E practitioner? Why choose to find someone who specializes and delicates themselves to this system? Lasting change. Lasting change at the core of who you are. The intricacy, the finesse and subtlety of this gentle yet powerful system can be life changing for some and provide lasting results for most.